Get Ergonised provides specialised ergonomic consulting direct to organisations such as yours, saving valuable time and money. By utilising extensive rehabilitation and consulting experience in workplace injuries, Get Ergonised Consultants quickly assess and modify workstations whilst educating employees on ergonomic work postures and processes.

Effective and efficient


Ergonomic Assessments can assist in preventing or alleviating discomfort that is caused by the inaccurate set up of work environments. Workstations are assessed in relation to the individual, and equipment is adjusted in relation to the consultation. Reports are provided following the assessments, and include details of modifications made and any recommended ergonomic equipment. Assessments can be completed for individual employees, whole departments or entire organisations.


Reduce your premiums


Whilst helping the individual, the completion of ergonomic assessments can also benefit your company by reducing the risk of a minor discomfort developing into a potentially significant injury. Left unaddressed, these could subsequently result in expensive workers’ compensation claims and time off work, which will impact your company’s workers’ compensation premiums.


Keep it simple


The referral process is simple, and quotes can be provided upon request. Special rates are available for full day or full week  worth of assessments.

Assessments are arranged for a time convenient to your company, and the service provided is friendly, efficient and professional.

Post-service support is provided when required. Assistance is only a phone call away.